Now MTN offers VTU services at all POS without scratch card

How to forward to Super clip service 779?

When OUT OF COVERAGE or phone switched off - please dial the following code : **62*779#
No answer - please dial the following code:  **61*779# 
When BUSY - please dial the following code: **67*779#
For all incoming calls - please dial the following code: **21*779#

To deactivate service - please dial the following code: ##002#

How to subscribe in As7ab service?

MTN As7ab Service:

Call 3 numbers and communicate with them for 5 YR/minute

Please call 555, press 2, follow the instructions and choose 3 numbers to be added to your favorite call list 

9 YR will be deducted once upon subscription

50 YR will be deducted when changing or adding a number to the list

This offer is for all our prepaid users

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To subscribe call “555”, choose a language then press “2” and choose one of the following options:



To subscribe to this service

Press “1” and 9 YR will be deducted for the subscription.

To add a number

Press “2” (50 YR will be deducted upon adding a number)

To adjust a number of the current menu

Press “3” (50 YR will be deducted upon adjusting a number)

To check the numbers previously chosen

Press “4”

To cancel a number from the current menu

Press “5”

To deactivate this service

Press “6”

How to subscribe in Nagham service?

Nagham service allows callers to listen to a song, Duaa or Anasheed of your choice. Call 4000 for 10 YR per minute.

How to have the PUK?

To get your PUK you can call MTN IVR (111 than select the option number 7) and you can also send an SMS with the number that you want its PUK to 111 for free and you will receive a SMS with the PUK.

How to change rejected SIM?

 To change a rejected SIM the owner has to visit one of our branches with his ID and pay the fee of changing SIM that is 100 YR.

How to subscribe in MMS?

MTN offers MMS service , sending/receiving multimedia via mobiles, including pictures , music and Videos.

To Subscribe:
Send blank SMS to 9008 and the service will be activated during 24 hours. To get your handset configuration setting ; use one of the following three steps:
  • Call 111 then press on the option number 6.
  • Send Blank SMS to the short code 9009.
  • Call the code *133*# to get into MTN services ,then choosing MMS configuration.
MMS Tariffs:

Monthly Fee MTN to MTN MTN to another GSM MTN to International
Free 15 YR / 100 kb 40 YR / 100 kb 25 YR / 100 kb
For available international networks send “networks” to 111 free of charge.